St Peters C.E. Combined School

If you live in Burnham and your children are going to go to school in the next week then I suggest that you go to St Peters C.E. Combined school because this school starts all the way from nursery up to Year 6 so let your children go to St Peters C.E. Combined school. This school is on Minnicroft Road.

This was writen by Thomas Peter Charles Smith, the son of the person who made this website. I am 9 years old and I'm in Year 5.

hi and i'm wanting to show you this cool new pease i have writen my self and it is a time slip story: "Mum can you tell me about "said charlie "I know what you tell me"interupted mum "NO YOU DON'T!"shouted charlie "you were going to tell me what it was it like when i was yong"finished mum "N...yes i was"anwsered charlie "well i will tell you...bla bla bla bla bla..."as her voice faded "MUM"shouted charlie

"bla bla bla bla"as her voice faded and got quiter and quiter (3 minuts later) (charlie starts to dream)charlie could not belive the screne because he saw George cayley and his coachman. The coachman was flying in a aircraft and then suddernly he appers with the two wright brothers on board their first plane and one looks at charlie but yet again he gose back in time ... (10 minuts later)

"WOW"exclaimed charlie because he was back in Tudor times and then he realised that he was stuck there and had no money! and there was a gargantuan list of jobs to be done .3 hours later i was told to work on:farming,getting money and feed everyone their favourite food but sudderly he woke up and heard mum speaking again "so that is what it was like when i was yong"finished mum "MUM"shouted charlie "yes charlie"answerd mum "um...I love you mum"said charlie


hi can all of you people watch this