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A versatile & professional musician for any setting

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Tel: +44 77 02 49 09 16

Andrew is a versatile, imaginative and flexible musician, who plays a diverse range of instruments and is an asset to any ensemble

Amy Bingham: Music director

Andrew never ceases to amaze me howe he can turn his hand effortlessly to any genre of guitar playing

Jim Pullen: Bass player

I cannot recommend Andrew highly enough. He's professional, reliable and extremely talented. A must for any show, and a blessing for any director.

Tracy Warren: Theatre director

Unlike most guitarists, Andrew can read music, is not too loud, has a sense of humour and is not an over-bearing ego-maniac. He's good, too.

Tony Dodd: Bass player

Andrew deps for our bass player from time to time. With little or no rehearsal, he always delivers an incredible performance! Andy's bass playing skills are of the highest standard and everyone in TNA always enjoys working with him!

Ashley Cleaver: Singer, The New Ambassadors

It never ceases to amaze me how versatile Andrew can be with the variety of instruments he can play.

Louise Herrington: Singer

Andrew is a complete musical talent. He is calm, collected and confident in a quiet way. Nothing ever seems to be too much trouble. He explains things in a manner that even the most tone-deaf person would understand!

Victoria Welton: Theatre director & songwriter